* 8+ Years Audio work.
* Music/SFX work for developers on ios/android/facebook etc.
* 4+ Years experience as a member of QA or as a senior tester on 2 AAA titles.
* Freelance audio work for Konami and Namco.
* Dev QA and Beta testing experience.
* Work as a remixer and DJ for several record labels.
* Tutor of Pro-Tools and DAT recording based in Dundee University.
AUDIO DESIGNER at Reloaded Productions Project : APB:R
Jul 2011 – Oct 2013
* All kinds of audio work, full length tracks, Main theme music, reverb systems, gun shots, explosions, vehicle audio, VO, HUD, feedback etc etc
* Licencing of third party music, and “Artist Programme” (Public music submissions)
* Started at Reloaded as the community manager and have always engaged well with our customers. I helped out in all areas of the game from Admin work, CS and being a GM in the game.
* Lead large scale player competitions and in-game events, creating videos etc for promotion and documentation.

Aug 2004 – present
* Production “Simple Minds” – Ongoing
* Production APB:Reloaded
* Production Tinkerhouse Games “Current” (Apple Devices)
* Producer “OTO” on undesclosed X-Box Arcade title.
* Produced tracks for Namco and Konami (sold through Jacks Hoose Music)
* Remix : Several house/electro tracks for commercial release. (Tuff em up)
* Remix : Waverunner Records, Sunlover Records.
* Remix : “Lost Boy : AKA -Jim Kerr (Simple Minds) for commercial release. (Heist)
* Produced music for many other companies, Apple Mobile devices, TV advertising, Xbox Live, Arcade, Corporate DVDs, NHS giveaways, short films and games.

DEVELOPMENT QA at Realtime Worlds Project : APB (All Points Bulletin)
Feb 2008 – Aug 2010
* Worked as part of publishing QA then promoted to Development QA.
* In charge of audio testing.
* Key role in Greifing issues, localisation and facebook applications.
* Worked in all areas of the game and ran daily smoke / sanity checks.
* Whilst in this position I was put on loan to Audio Design.
* Played a key role in the reverb system in APB.
* Produced numerous sound effects and music for the game.

PUBLISHING QA at Rockstar North Project : GTA4 (Grand Theft Auto 4)
Jan 2007 – Dec 2007
* Went in as a focus tester for a week and got kept until project end.
* Later became part of the stabilty team focusing on first build and speed-runs.
* Spent time focused on dialouge and other audio sections.
* Recorded voice for Living City and unlockable characters.

AVID Pro Tools 11
Native Instruments KOMPLETE 9 ULTIMATE
Many VST/AAX Plugins
Plouge Chipsounds
Unreal Editor
Sony Vegas
Sony Acid
Microsoft Office
Microsoft Excell
Adobe Photoshop
Bugstar (Rockstar in-house)
Final Cut Pro

University of Dundee Course : Time Based Art 1999-2003

I graduated with a 2:1 BA Honors degree in Time Based Art. This course aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of camera work, lighting, recording and post-production.

My final year project was based on music production, understanding and implementing aleatoric music and several other installation art works.