Wave Runner Records is proud to present “Somewhere Out There”
A space soaked synth compilation of exclusive tracks from some of the best artists in the scene.
Its been a long time since our last compilation but our core values remain the same, great exclusive music absolutely free for all to enjoy!
We hope you guys enjoy listening to this as much as we enjoyed making it.
So put your headphones on, close your eyes and take a trip “Somewhere Out There”

Title Of Album: Somewhere Out There.
Label: Wave Runner Records
Genre: Synthwave / Electronic

1. Phaserland – Lost In The Containers Of Andromeda 03:14
2. KN1GHT – Orion 04:42
3. Luxxly – Callie Reece 05:24
4. Farfletched – caveMan 04:35
5. FINAL DJS – Interstellar 03:18
6. SelloRekt/LA Dreams – Airborne 03:42
7. Future Holotape – Tethered Entwined (Instrumental) 04:51
8. Simon Gabriel – Somewhere Over The Moon 05:22
9. Steve Arrows – Big Bang Dancing Stars 03:51
10.Mooginizer – Black Hole Theory 03:04


“PHASERLAND: Are you ready to get on? This 15 track LP bursts with 6 of some of the best synthwave and dreamwave artists, spanning 5 countries. Guitars and Synthesizers break down traditional boundaries of the New-80s scene, as energized brushstrokes of neon dance-halls bubble to the surface of a new land. This new land is fresh, positive, and full of what could be. Take the journey on the Electric Atlantic.”

Title Of Album: Electric Atlantic
Label: Wave Runner Records
Genre: NuDisco / Electronic

1. Midnight Steps – Feat Heidi 03:45
2. Covert Action – Feat Sunglasses Kid 03:19
3. Electric Atlantic – Feat Nikki Dodds 03:56
4. Sushi On the Monorail 03:11
5. Beyond the Factory 06:00
6. Funk This Ship 03:28
7. Pool Lights – Feat Sebastian Gampl 04:09
8. Space Command – Co-written by Starforce 03:33
9. Your Move 03:38
10. Hot Stunner – Feat Nikki Dodds 03:26
11. Fourth Dimension – Feat Timecop1983 04:05
12. Kissing In Berlin 02:09
13. Straight To You – Feat Nikki Dodds 02:58
14. Soft Scene 03:24
15. Hot Stunner – Feat Nikki Dodds- (Farfletched Remix) 03:58


“It’s May 2012, dance music is everywhere. We’ve seen the amazing Skrillex tearing it up on the dancefloor as though MetalHeads decided to start dancing and moshing. We saw hugely talented Deadmau5 make kids ecstasy again. However as we all know when a genre becomes successful all sorts of overly similar sounding garbage suddenly start appearing (not going to name names), so what is the sound that can stop all this repetitive dance music nonsense? A new electronic sound has been slowly emerging over the last couple of years. Since the emergence of acts such as M83 and the huge following to the movie soundtrack `Drive`, this new sound has been described as synthwave, dreamwave, retrowave – all sorts of name however one thing remains its influence and emphasis of vintage synthesisers to create an uplifting, dreamy sound to make people dance – similar to what Daft Punk did in the late 90s. Futurecop! started its background 4 years ago creating such music along with the likes of Fear of Tigers, College, Anoraak, Kavinsky – we took what Alan Braxe, Mylo, Daft Punk and Fred Falke did 10 years ago and created a new electronic sound. It`s only now we started seeing the sound making its way into the mainstream, so Futurecop! decided to create a compilation not only with the people who are currently gaining rapid success already with the sound but more importantly all the new young bedroom artists (that we tiresomely searched through the internet to find), such as Worship and Mille, who are also creating similar music, influenced by the same thoughts and ideals. I hope this introduces this new electronic sound to people who are new to this genre, new to electronic music, people who are looking for new vibes and those who are sick of how mainstream pop is overkilling electronic music and searching for something new. I hope this compilation hits you in the heart like it has us. We Are The Future.”

Title Of Album: Futurecop! Presents “We Are The Future”
Label: Kiez Beats
Genre: Electronic / Nu Disco / Synth Pop / Funk

01. Data – Electric Fever
02. Lifelike feat. Namebrand & Yota – Love Emulator (Club Mix)
03. Phonat – The Microwave FX
04. Power Glove – Night Force
05. Lazerhawk – Shoulder Of Orion
06. Mille – Afterski
07. Anoraak – Above Your Head
08. StardonE – Lovedays
09. Futurecop! – Forever Dreams (Beaumont Remix)
10. Worship – Horizon
11. Fear of Tigers – Hidup
12. Maethelvin – Delight
13. Robots With Rayguns – Fever
14. NeonFlashDrive – Previously on X-Men
15. Young Digerati – The Dauphin (Ride the Universe Remix)
16. Farfletched – Car Clova
17. Follow Me – A Mission Nocturnal
18. Futurecop! – Far Away (Leisure Council Remix)


“KOLT13: It has been some time in the making, finally the french duo along side T.E.U Records have completed the much anticipated ‘Love at the speed of light’ EP which has remixes by heavy bass thrasher ‘Gtronic’ Germans -genres are dead ‘Autodidakt’ and UK driven pop/melody artist ‘Farfletched’. With a 2 track original EP, a Funk edit by Kolt13 and 3 remixes, this EP has it all. Kolt13: One of France’s most hot and tantalising producers. Has remixed the likes of Barretso, Phoenix and Empire of The Sun.”

Title Of Album: Love at the Speed of Light E.P.
Label: Tuffem Up! Records
Genre: Electronic / EDM


1. Love At The Speed Of Light feat. WEBOriginal Mix
2. Lili’s CrownOriginal Mix
3. Won’t Let You Go feat. MecanicoOriginal Mix
4. Won’t Let You Go feat. MecanicoKolt13 Funk Remix
5. Love At The Speed Of Light feat. Gtronic Remix
6. Love At The Speed Of Light feat. Autodidakt Remix
7. Love At The Speed Of Light feat. Farfleched Remix


“Dreamakes VOL.2
10 synthwave remixes of the song “Summer Love” by Vincenzo Salvia feat. Chrissy Valentine

Check out the “Summer Love One Year Later” EP on Telefuture
released 10 June 2014

Thanks to:
Shio-Z, A space love adventure, Apollo Zapp, OGRE, Photosynthesi, Plaisance, Ravenh0lm, Farfletched, Phaserland, Botnit, Mooginizer.

Artwork by Overglow

Original Summer Love song credits:
Music and lyrics: Vincenzo Salvia
Voice: Chrissy Valentine

All songs produced and mastered by the artists themselves.

Title Of Album: Summer Love Remixes
Label: Sunlover Records
Genre: Italo/ Nu-Disco


“JIM KERR – SIMPLE MINDS : Simon Hayward, musician and keyboard player with Sample Minds, a Simple Minds tribute band, produced several remixes of the Lostboy! A.K.A tracks.
The second single, She Fell In Love With Silence, was released on 15 August 2010”

Title Of Album: She Fell In Love With Silence
Label: earMUSIC
Genre: Progressive Rock & Electro


“DEFEAT BNDTS : From the depths of the hardend cells of the west, TUFFEM UP! records & Defeat initiate Project “BNDTS”.

A composition crafted by “Marc homes aka DEFEAT” EP “BNDTS” is a time travelling through a dusty glazed road, post Armageddon, kill all and a
dead eye to shoot at will. This composition sets a vibe, of a theatrical movie from the wild west, canyons and a sundown showdown in modern times.

BNDTS EP introduces a 7 piece Track listing; BNDTS, DIY, Into the groove, Masque, VLVT, and remixes by South African –
HAEZER, and UK discoteca man – Farfletched, its simply superb, divine and easy listening”

Title Of Album: BNDTS
Label: Tuffem Up! Records
Genre: Electronic / EDM


“CURRENT – TINKERHOUSE GAMES : Current is an action match game with 56 levels of fast-paced gameplay driven by an original soundtrack. The objective appears simple: gather enemy Hexog and shoot them back into others of the same type. But beware, new enemies prowl the Current and this mission will rapidly test your mettle. Good luck, ARC Pilot.”

Title Of Album: CURRENT (Game Soundtrack)
Genre: Electronic


Dreamakes VOL.1
10 synthwave remixes of the song “Nicole” by A Space Love Adventure.
released 18 February 2014

Thanx to:
Vincenzo Salvia, Apollo Zapp, Shio-Z, Arc Neon, Farfletched, Botnit, Azure Crime, Les Chic Voltage, Batch Sound, Richie Summers for their awesome work!
Special thanx to Wormhole Technology, Wobbles, Telefunken Yoko Wi-Fi, Sam Haggblad, Mooginizer.
Last but not least Nicole herself for being the inspiration of the original song 🙂
Artwork by Overglow
Original Nicole song by A Space Love Adventure

Title Of Album: Dreamakes VOL​.​1 – A Space Love Adventure – Nicole
Label: Sunlover Records
Genre: Nu-Disco / Dance


Wave Runner Records proudly presents “Running All Night”
This compilation contains the hero’s of Synthwave and we hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we all enjoyed making it!
Get your sneakers & Walkman out because we guarantee you’ll be “Running All Night”!!!

Artwork by Henrique Kuba Kubinski

“AloneWolf Such a great compilation with plenty of amazing music! Great work everyone 🙂 Favorite track: Farfletched – Car Clova (Original).”

Title Of Album: Running all Night
Label: Wave Runner Records
Genre: Nu-Disco


01. Highway Superstar – Boardwalk Sunset (Original) 04:24
02. Phaserland feat. Nikki – Hot Stunner (Original) 03:26
03. Mitch Murder feat. Miranda Carey – Just Till Midnight (Original) 04:53
04. Sunglasses Kid feat. Kristine – Time In Time (Original) 04:46
05. Lueur Verte – Malibu Sunrise (Original) 04:58
06. A Space Love Adventure – Nicole (ASLA Remix) 04:18
07. SelloRekT/LA Dreams – Alive (Original) 04:23
08. Lueur Verte – Night Slasher 2 (Original) 05:43
09. STARFORCE & Tommy – Interstellar (Original) 06:32
10. Farfletched – Car Clova (Original) 04:33
11. SWAGBOT – Trying (Original) 03:41
12. Adeyhawke – Disco Idalium (Original) 04:05
13. Perturbator – Welcome to Nocturne City (Arcade Version) 05:25
14. Nightcrawler feat. Vincenzo Salvia – Dystopia (Original) 03:43
15. DYNATRON – Unquestionable Judgement (Original) 04:50
16. SWAGBOT – RockNrollA (Original) 03:24